Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market

Tips for First Time Vendors 


Market Tips for appreciative customers, remember:

Customers shop at markets because they want to meet the people who grow their food, or make the products, and they want fresh and high-quality products. Invest your time wisely:

  • By preparing and leaving enough time for travel.

  • Be ready to sell at opening bell. The majority of your sales may occur within the market’s first hour.

What to Bring


Careful planning for a market is essential to your success. Be on time and ready to sell by the opening bell. The majority of your market day sales may occur within the first hour of the market. Make a checklist! Examples of items to include:

  • Canopy and 25# of weight for each leg of the canopy (Most market stalls are a 10’ x 10’ bare piece of concrete).

  • Stall structure: tables, table covering, racks, shelves

  • Display containers for your product

  • Reuseable and paper bags

  • Cash box and bank (be ready to make change for $20 bills!)

  • Accept credit and debit cards. More people will buy if they can use a card! (Square is great for your smartphone or tablet)

  • Licensed scale if selling by weight

  • Hand washing station if preparing food

  • Miscellaneous display items: sign making materials including chalk, paper, cardboard, markers, scissors, tape, pens, bags, price tags, pocket knife, duct tape.

  • Check out items: pencils, pens, calculator, sales record/receipt book, notepad, bags, boxes, flats.

  • Trash can, broom

  • Signs: the more personal, the better. Consider using pictures!

  • Large sign or banner hung at eye level or above with your business's name and location.

  • Individual product names and prices alongside the items—how the item is sold (by weight, piece, quantity)—highlight different varieties, heirlooms, product qualities (sweet, spicy, bitter), storage tips, etc.

  • Signage extras: recipes, how-to’s, seasonality information, new item, product information.

  • Information about your business or other activities, promotional materials, business cards.

  • Personal comfort items: weather gear, gloves, hats, rainwear, and drinking water.

  • Your customer service personality—a big smile is your best asset. 


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