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Ave’ Bread


Meet Ave’s Bread

Welcome to Ave’s Bread. We are a small teen and mom run bread company. We make home made bread with local ingredients. We encourage teen entrepreneurs and hard working kids! avesbread.com

1. How did you get started in baking industry?

Bread is in our genes. Our Great Grandma and Grandpa owned a Magic Mill/Bosch store. They sold retail and gave bread classes. Making bread was passed down to our Mom from our Grandpa and Grandma. We took their recipe and tweeked them, added LOTS of ingredients, changed up a few things and started making bread for Ave's Bread the summer of 2017. The summer of 2017 Avery was 13 and worked with Mom-Gabrielle to make bread every Wednesday and sell it through social media and email campaigns. Avery is highly driven and really needed some purpose and a way to support her amazing soccer skills!

2. Where do you draw influence from?

We draw influence from from our family first and foremost. They inspire, help and motivate us, they also often help us coming up with new ideas for bread and marketing elements. We also draw influence from one of our favorite entrepreneurs Bob Moore from Bob's Red Mill products. He had huge trials in his life and persevered through those and just kept going! Plus he has amazing product we love to use!


3. What is the difference between Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market and other markets?

Communication! If you ever have a question, not sure about something, or need help, they are there! We also love the downtown feel and location and the market working not only with market vendors but downtown businesses.

4. How long have you sold your wares at HTNM? What encouraged you to apply/ keeps you vending with us now?

As we are in the middle of our second season selling with HTNM we continue to sell with them because the crowd is great, the bands are amazing and the themes help us sell our bread! The location and time are perfect for a teen/mom business. We always love coming!

5. What’s next for your brand?

So many options and so many unknowns but we will figure it out! We are working on getting a kitchen space or build a kitchen space to work in. We want to hire more employees next summer and expand to a couple more markets and sell our bread in some local shops. We are constantly encouraged and moved by people who believe in us. THANKS!

Get in touch with Ave’s Bread:

Instagram: avesbread | Email : avesbread@gmail.com |

| Website Link: https://avesbread.com |


Ave’s Bread

Cornelius, OR


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