Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market



Spend the evening enjoying local artisanal food, shopping handcrafted goods and sipping on coffee, a glass of wine, beer or a crisp cider.



Browse hundreds of food items from our vendors and watch them make it right before your eyes. Fan favorites range from traditional Asian street snacks like pork and prawn dumplings and Sonoran Hot Dogs, fusion bites such as pho tacos and roasted corn or fantastic desserts like mini donuts and locally sourced ice cream. Sharing is caring, but you can snack on smaller portions or go whole hog on an item you really, really want for yourself!

Tip: come with a group and split up. Order from different vendors and then reconvene to share and maximize the variety of foods you can EAT!


Mosey on over to our craft vendors when you walk down Main street. You'll get to try on handmade jewelry, find the perfect aromatherapy soap, a crochet doll as a gift or adopt a cute plant terrarium, so plan to SHOP till you drop!

Tip: bring a backpack or bag to carry your items in.


Take a seat on the courthouse lawn and hear some awesome performances from local artists on our Dave Johnson Main Stage! Past artists have included Tony Starlight, Hit Machine and Johnny Limbo & the Lugnuts.

On our Sandy Farmer Stage on 3rd Ave., you will tap your toes to the sounds of artists like the Lords of Blackpool, Macey Gard and Supa Dupa Marimba Brothers. Come prepared to LISTEN and be entertained!


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