Do you Qualify?

Necessary Qualifications to Participate in the Tuesday Night Market

  • Certified growers who wish to sell agricultural produce.
  • Artists and Crafts people who wish to sell their own homemade arts and/or crafts.
  • Processed Food Vendors who wholly produce, manufacture and package products for sale that are not ready-to-eat.
  • Wine and other alcoholic beverage vendors who wholly produce, manufacture and bottle products for sale to go.
  • Established food service businesses who wish to sell barbecued, pre-prepared or pre-packaged foods for consumption at the Market.
  • Non-profit/community service agencies/local small businesses who wish to tell their story to Market attendees.
  • Corporate Sponsors who contract directly with the Hillsboro Tuesday Night Market.

ODA Food Safety and guidelines

Please make sure you understand our Policies and Procedures. Read and/or Download the 2017 Handbook

Vendor Tips are a great way to help make sure you comply with our rules and regulations and have a successful market experience.

 New Vendors, Please read down to find the requirements for you.

Produce, Plants and Flowers
10×10 space $40 per week

It is required that each vendor grow 100% of the product he/she sells. Only locally (i.e. Oregon and southwest Washington) grown, caught and gathered products may be sold at the markets. Examples include berries, fruits, grains, flowers, fish, vegetables and nuts, plants, trees and herbs. Each produce and nursery vendor maybe required to have a farm check prior to attending the market. …apply now

Crafters and Artisans
10×10 space $40 per week

Tuesday Marketplace encourages local artisans and vendors of handcrafted items. Each item must be made by the vendor. The market does not allow re-sale of crafts bought from distributors. All crafters and artisans will be required to be juried by the market manager prior to attending the market.

A “vendor check” may be required prior to your acceptance into the market. All crafters/artists are accepted on a “first-come, first-served” basis with consideration given to prior attendance record, seniority, product quality, and uniqueness of product.- (top)  …apply now
Wines, Micro Breweries, Cider and Distilleries
10×10 space $40 per week

Local wineries, micro breweries and distilleries are encouraged to participate and offer tastings and sell bottles to go.  OLCC temporary event license is required. You may not sell other non-food or drink merchandise. Self produced foods may be sold by approval if they fall within our processed foods procedures.  …apply now

Processed Foods
10×10 space $40 per week

Agricultural producers may have their products dried, ground, roasted, smoked, frozen or otherwise altered in a simple, one stage processing method. Products must have appropriate labels with names, address, product name, ingredients, net weight, permits, price, and any other information required by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.  …apply now

Non-agricultural producers may sell products which they have cooked, canned, preserved or otherwise treated in a certified kitchen. Products must have appropriate labels with name, address, product name, ingredients, net weight, permits and price. Processed food vendors must make products in a certified kitchen. Processed food vendors will not be allowed into any market prior to providing the market office with these documents. (top)   …apply now
Prepared Food – Main Food Court
Tents 10’x 12′  $125 per week
Food Trucks 12’x 15′ $150 per week – Space permitting

We encourage freshly prepared locally sourced foods cooked on site. Preference will be given to those with menus featuring healthy choices; more fresh fruits and greens, less fried and sugared.  We are also encouraging healthier soft drink options and child size portions. Soda and sugary drinks are being phased out and recommend drinks in refillable containers. No glass. No Styrofoam. Please check with the manager for drink approvals.

Prepared food vendors must provide proof of liability insurance, copy of a current Temporary For Profit Restaurant License, and all other licenses or permits required by the city, county or state to sell at any market (obtained from the ODA Food Safety at (503) 986-4750). Prepared food vendors will not be allowed into any market prior to providing the market office with these documents.  …apply now

Nonprofit/Community Benefit/Small Business

The Manager, on a case-by-case basis, may allow these organizations to attend the market if space allows. For fees and information on the products that can be displayed by nonprofit/community benefit/small business vendors please contact the market office

The Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace retains the right to refuse any organization for any reason. Nonprofit/community benefit organization/business admission is at the discretion of the market manager.
Political or Religious Activities

The Tuesday Marketplace is not a forum for political or religious activities. Permits will not be issued to persons or organizations wishing to campaign or proselytize. No solicitation is allowed.(top)

Application Process

Make sure you have read and understand our Policies and Procedures the set up an account with Manage My Market then add Hillsboro Tuesday Night to your list of Markets.



Tips for first time vendors

For Farmers… Oregon Farmers’ Markets Association

For Hot Food Vendors.. Washington Country Health and Food Safety


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