Vendor Policies and Procedures


 pdf version: Handbook 2016

The Tuesday Night Market,  AKA Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace, provides a free community gathering place featuring some of the Northwest’s best bands and musical entertainment, fresh locally grown produce, flowers and nursery plants, art from local artists, crafts produced by regional artisans, foods from local restaurateurs, a classic car display, information from community organizations, and educational and health programs. It is governed by a board of directors.

The Marketplace originated in 1998 as a way to bring people to Historic Downtown Hillsboro and to provide local farmers and crafters another market venue for selling their goods. The event was embraced by the community, and has become a favorite summertime tradition for people of all ages and all walks of life.

Meet Me When?

This community event takes place twelve Tuesday evenings from mid June from 5 to 8:30 p.m.

Meet Me Where?

Tuesday Night Market fills three city blocks in Historic Downtown Hillsboro that are closed to auto traffic (Main Street from First to Third Avenues, and Second Avenue between Main and Lincoln Streets).

We Value

  • Farmers and the producers of our food
  • Local businesses that use and produce local products
  • Customers who so gloriously support our producers
  • Access to healthy fresh foods to people of all income levels
  • Preservation of farm land
  • Community that is created when people come together to support regional agriculture and local artisans and food preparers
  • Work done by other food-related organizations
  • Advocacy in food policy
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances to further our mission
  • Financial stability to support our ongoing goals

Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace is a 501(c)(4) not-for-profit organization.


The Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace Board of Directors is a diverse group of community members brought together by their desire to enhance the experience of community for the friends, neighbors and visitors of Hillsboro, Oregon and serve local agriculture and the small farms of Washington County.

They provide the vision and stewardship of the organization. Their dedication is evident in the countless hours of volunteer time spent on tasks as diverse hosting thank you lunches, dog parades and band introductions to providing long-term financial and business planning.


LeeAnne Pack, Pack First Properties


Marv Garland, Community Representative


Karen Porter, Fordham Goodfellow


Anna Hickey – Starbucks Main Street


Dan Aberg, Founding member, TVW
Karla AntoniniCity of Hillsboro
Lisa Logan, Hillsboro Insurance
Linda Holland, Artist extraordinaire
Gerry Ewing – Tuality Healthcare
Dan Abrahamson – Dan Abrahamson Music
Bruce Franklin – Aero Air


Lesley Wise,
Pattie Russell
Destiny Robinson
Corey Combs

The Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace Board of Directors developed this booklet for your use. It provides the most important vendor information including the Marketplace rules, sites specific operational guidelines, information about how TMP operates, procedures and policies. The board may amend, modify or delete its policies, rules and regulations at any time.

All vendors requesting booths at the market must complete an application and sign the vendor agreement. Two or more vendors may sell jointly from a single booth location, but must submit separate applications. Please indicate this intent on your application.

Produce, Plants and Flowers

It is required that each vendor grow 100% of the product he/she sells. Only locally (i.e. Oregon and southwest Washington) grown, caught and gathered products may be sold at the markets. Examples include berries, fruits, grains, flowers, fish, vegetables and nuts, plants, trees and herbs. Oregon’s Farm Direct law has been in place for two years. The law allows farmers to make and sell small amounts of low-risk, value-added food products, including jams, jellies, pickles, salsa, and certain other foods, direct to consumers without having to be licensed by the state of Oregon. Farm Direct FAQ’s.

Each produce and nursery vendor must have a farm check prior to attending the market. Applications must be turned in at least two weeks prior to attending the markets to allow time for the market manager to make a farm check.

Crafters and Artisans

Tuesday Marketplace will include a limited number of local artisans and vendors of handcrafted items. Each item must be made by the vendor. The market does not allow re-sale of crafts bought from distributors. All crafters and artisans will be required to be juried by the market manager prior to attending the market. A “vendor check” may be required prior to your acceptance into the market. All crafters/artists are accepted on a “first-come, first-served” basis with consideration given to prior attendance record, seniority, product quality, and uniqueness of product. Applications must be turned in at least two weeks prior to attending the market to allow time for the market manager to jury the product.

Processed Foods

Agricultural producers may have their products dried, ground, roasted, smoked, frozen or otherwise altered in a simple, one stage processing method. Products must have appropriate labels with names, address, product name, ingredients, net weight, permits, price, and any other information required by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Non-agricultural producers may sell products which they have cooked, canned, preserved or otherwise treated in a certified kitchen. Products must have appropriate labels with name, address, product name, ingredients, net weight, permits and price.

Processed food vendors must make products in a certified kitchen (see page 17 for more info on licenses). Processed food vendors will not be allowed into any market prior to providing the market office with these documents

Prepared Food

Vendors must provide proof of liability insurance, copy of a current Temporary For Profit Restaurant License, and all other licenses or permits required by the city, county or state to sell at any market (obtained from the ODA Food Safety at (503) 986-4750). Prepared food vendors will not be allowed into any market prior to providing the market office with these documents.

Water, soda and soft drinks, bottled, canned or fountain, or alcohol, is permitted for sale only by vendors approved to do so and at an additional fee.

Vendors are required to protect the ground from grease and foods by covering the exposed area where food will be prepared  cooked and served with a Market and fire approved absorbent material. Vendors are also requested to serve foods in compostable or recyclable containers.

Non profits/Community Benefit Organizations/Small Business

The Tuesday Marketplace, on a case-by-case basis, allow nonprofit/community benefit organizations and small business to attend the markets. Please contact the market manager for space availability, fees and information on the products that can be sold and/or displayed by nonprofit/community benefit vendors. The Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace retains the right to refuse any organization for any reason. Nonprofit/community benefit organization/business admission is at the discretion of the market manager.

Political or Religious Activities

The Tuesday Marketplace is not a forum for political or religious activities. Permits will not be issued to persons or organizations wishing to campaign or proselytize. No solicitation is allowed.


A one time annual application fee of $30.00 is required for all vendor applications Discounts are available for advance payment. If you have questions regarding the fees or applicable discounts, please contact the market manager.

There is no guarantee of space without a reservation, which is constituted by advance deposit and payment of booth fee. Market fees are billed and due prior to attending any one week. The market manager has final decision on space assignments but space consideration will be given to returning vendors.

All fees are non-refundable, but a one-time credit will be given for a pre-paid week if the vendor is unable to attend the market and gives minimum notice to the market manager (see General Rules).


Vendor locations and other considerations are at the discretion of the market manager. The manager considers the vendor’s customer relationships, the product mix, customer flow, special promotions and seniority. Priority will also be given to retuning vendors and applications received by April 1st.

There are two categories of vendors:

  • Those who pay for a large block of market days (6 or more) in advance
  • Those who pay one week in advance

The former (category 1) will be given higher priority in terms of space assignment than those in the latter (category 2).

If a vendor arrives at the market and has not paid in advance they will be given a space only if one is available, and at the manager’s discretion.

  1. Applications must be completed and turned in to the market manager prior to selling at the market. All vendors must have a signed approval from the manager or committee before attending.
  2. All vendors must pay in advance of attending the market.
  3. Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace reserves the right to refuse to do business with any vendor, and to prohibit any product from sale.
  4. Reservation of space establishes no right to, or guarantee of space rental in subsequent years.
  5. VENDORS MUST NOTIFY THE MARKET MANAGER WHEN UNABLE TO ATTEND. There are no refunds/credits for bad weather days or cancellations after Monday at 9 AM
  6. Vendors are required to notify the Market Manager of cancellation by e-mail so that an accurate accounting can be retained. In the ‘subject line’ of the e-mail please type “market cancellation”. If you do not have e-mail or access to a computer you may call our offices and leave a detailed message including: the date you called, your full booth name, your name, a phone number and the day(s) and date(s) you are cancelling. If a cancellation e-mail or phone message is not received by the Monday by 9 AM and you do not attend the market, your reservation & deposit will be forfeited.
  7. If a vendor has a reserved space and does not attend the market, their reservation fee will only be carried forward to the next week if the manager is notified in advance of the absence. The following week, the vendor will get their regular space back. If a vendor has a reserved space and does not attend the market and does not notify the manager by the days noted above, the vendor loses that week’s fee and is not guaranteed their usual space upon returning. If you have not arrived for set up by 4:30 your regular space may be reassigned and you will be assigned another available space elsewhere
  8. If an emergency on the day of the market prohibits your attendance call Lesley, the market manager at 503.601.0478 Any exceptions are at the managers’ discretion.
  9. The manager will place a week-to-week vendor in any vacant space beginning at 4.30 PM. The non-reserved vendor will be informed that this is a temporary situation.
  10. SETUP admittance to and setup for the marketplace begins at 3:30 p.m. YOU MAY NOT SET UP EARLIER THAN 3:30 PM. The Market Manager and/or assistant will assign and direct each vendor to their respective space. The Marketplace must be fully assembled by 4:50 p.m. NO VEHICLES will be allowed to enter the Market after 4:45 p.m.

 Vendor map 2015


The Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace runs twelve weeks from the 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of June (depending on calendar dates) until the week before Labor Day from 5:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. To be fair to those still setting up, there is to be NO SELLING BEFORE 5:00 p.m or the manager rings the bell. Vendors are not allowed to leave the market before the end of the market day. If the vendor must leave due to an emergency, they MUST notify the market manager so safety precautions can be taken.


Entering the Market

All Vendors should enter and check-in at 3rd Avenue and Main Street.

One lane of traffic must remain open at all times while loading and unloading. This permits other vendors to exit the market without waiting for blockage to clear, and allows emergency vehicles complete access at all times.


Market vendors are required to park away from the market from 5:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. Set-up can begin no earlier than 3:30 p.m. on the day of the event, This is for you safety and the safety of your workers and the general public. The event is not responsible for any damage or accidents that occur prior to 3:30.PM., at which time the streets are blocked to through traffic.

PULL IN, UNLOAD, PARK All vendors are asked to proceed to their booth, unload their vehicles and remove their vehicle from the premises as quickly as possible. Do not set up your booth with your vehicle in the market.

Parking is allowed in all Washington County Service building public parking lots. Place your market vendor vehicle notice on your dash. There is a lot on the corner of Washington and 2nd. On 2nd between Lincoln and Jackson. The County lot across 1st on Main behind the county building.

Main Street is completely closed to though traffic between 1st and 3rd Avenues at 3:30 p.m., and 2nd Avenue closes to traffic at 4:30 p.m.

Vendor Tear down

Tear down of booth space may not begin until the official closing time of the market.  In case of dispute the closing time will be determined by the Market Manager’s watch.  “Tear Down” is defined as breaking down of tables, displays, canopies, equipment, etc.  All equipment must remain “up” until the official end of the market day.

Vendor vehicles will not be allowed into the market area for loading of equipment until approval has been given by the Market Manager.  Gates to the market will be opened for vendors admittance approximately 15 – 20 minutes after the official end of day or at the Market Managers discretion, depending on when customers have sufficiently cleared the streets.

Vendors are not allowed to bring their vehicles into the market area for loading until their booth has been sufficiently torn down.  In other words, once it is clear to begin tearing down vendors must break down their booth space as completely as possible prior to bringing in their vehicle.


Each vendor is responsible for cleaning up his or her own stall before leaving for the day. Vendors shall be responsible for removing their own trash or debris. The market trash cans are for CUSTOMER USE ONLY. A verbal warning will be given to those who do not clean their space each market week. After a second offense, vendors will be fined $20.00. A third offense warrants expulsion from the Tuesday Marketplace.

Substances produced by your booth during the event must be disposed of in one of two ways:

Gray water, grease, oils and any other liquid products must be dumped in the specified “gray water disposal station” noted on the event site map (included in packet).

Pack it In/Pack it Out – whatever you bring into the event you must take out. All grease, oils, gray water (if not dumped in the gray water disposal station) cardboard, garbage, plastics, bottles, etc. must go home with you – no exceptions.

If a hot food vendor is found dumping unacceptable waste in one of the street storm drains, a $200 fine, payable immediately, will be imposed and immediate expulsion from the event for the remainder of the season will ensue. There will be no exceptions, regardless of your tenure at the event.


Vendors are expected to behave courteously at all times and not publicly disparage other vendors or products. Behavior such as shouting, fighting, selling products in an aggressive way, or “hawking” detracts from the atmosphere of the market and will not be tolerated. Hawking can be defined as: yelling, barking, or screaming to promote your product; any manner of irritating the customers; or any manner of calling to the customers to attract them to your booth from within your booth space. Any activity considered to be damaging to the market can result in the market manager requiring that person or persons to leave the market.

All vendors are required to provide a clean, sanitary, and visually appealing environment. This includes clean dress and appearance of vendors and related personnel. All spaces must be kept neat and clean. Food vendors shall skirt the tables in the stall for a neat appearance. Booth appearance is subject to approval of the manager.

Vendors, and employees of vendors, are not allowed to stand outside of their defined booth space to promote their product, i.e. handing out of samples, information flyers, etc. Vendor smoking or alcohol consumption is not permitted on market grounds during market hours. Vendors are not allowed to bring their pets to the market (see Oregon Department of Agriculture regulations).


SET UP YOUR CANOPIES AND HANG WEIGHTS FIRST! All vendors are required to have canopy weights, and have them secured at all times with enough weight (20# per leg) to keep canopies anchored to the ground no matter the weather.

Vendors who use open flame (hot food vendors) underneath their canopies are required by city code to have a flame retardant canopy. Pre-treated flame retardant canopies can be purchased directly from canopy manufacturers. If you own a canopy that is not treated, you can contact the manufacturer of your canopy to get precise instructions regarding how to treat your canopy and what products to use on it. Fire marshals will be checking canopies throughout the season and this code will be enforced.

Fire extinguishers are also required of any vendor who uses an open flame either under or near their canopy. This is required by city code, and will be enforced. If you are found without a fire extinguisher, you will be required to rent one at a cost of $20 per market day, from the market information booth.


The market does not guarantee electricity to all vendors. Vendors using electricity may be charged an additional fee. When the markets are able to supply power to the booth it is the vendor’s responsibility, from the point of power connection, to ensure there are no public hazards associated with electrical cords. All cords crossing sidewalks MUST be covered with approved cable covers.

Displays and Signs

Vendor name and location are required to be prominently posted each market week. Signs should be professional looking or professionally made. For safety reasons, no signs, displays or tent poles may obstruct the sidewalk. All prices should be clearly and legibly marked or posted.


All equipment and supplies are the responsibility of the vendor.


Event Participation

Vendors may occasionally be asked to contribute produce or products towards promotional events, fund-raiser, and giveaways for market customers or sponsors. For example, vendors may be asked to donate a basket of berries or a melon for a “Market Basket” giveaway. Please support the market by participating in these events.

Food Stamps

The Tuesday Marketplace does not run an EBT program. EBT tokens purchased through the Hillsboro Farmers Markets may be used with participating vendors at their discretion at Tuesday’s Market and returned to the HFM organization.

Oregon’s Farm Direct Nutrition Programs (FDNP) the W.I.C. program and the Senior program are completely administered by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. It is strongly suggested that all farmers who qualify participate in this program. Not only will this increase sales for you but it also benefits the market as a whole.

For more information, contact the Oregon Department of Agriculture at (503) 872-6600.


Vendors are responsible for being informed about and complying with state and local health regulations and licensing requirements governing the production, display, distribution, sampling and sale of their products. The Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Direct Marketing Handbook is available for reference at Copies can be ordered from the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

All prepared food vendors are required to have a (minimum) $500,000 general liability policy or a (minimum) $500,000 product liability policy.

The Tuesday Marketplace MUST have copies of current licenses required for operation of your business (nursery license, organic certification, licensed kitchen, etc., but copies of business licenses are not necessary). Please attach copies and return with your application. Your application will not be processed without your license(s) attached. An additional copy must be submitted upon renewal of an expired license.

Vendors serving food to be consumed on premises must comply with the rules governing farmers’ market sanitation and health issues as covered in the Oregon Department of Agriculture’s Farmers’ Market Guidelines: Minimum Requirements for Food Safety.

Any processed food must have been prepared in a licensed facility, and a copy of the vendor’s license must be provided to the market. All such products must be packaged, canned or bottled according to state regulations. Guidelines for labeling of prepackaged food items are available from the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Division:

Oregon Department of Agriculture
635 Capitol St., N.E.
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: 503.986.4550 or 503.872.6600

Food Handler’s Licenses may be obtained from the Washington County Health Department, 503.648.8722.

Temporary Restaurant Licenses are required of any vendor selling “ready-to-eat” non-packaged foods. For specific information about who should or should not have a Temporary Restaurant License, please contact the Washington County Department of Health and Human Services:

Public Services Bldg.
155 N. 1st Avenue, Suite 200.  Hillsboro, OR 97123
Phone: 503.846.8722 or 503.846.3991 (Spanish)

If you intend to sell by the pound you must bring your own certified calibration scale. All vendors using scales must provide a copy of each scale certification to the market office prior to attending the market. If you do not own a calibrated scale, we recommend pricing your product by the unit, for example, the ear, pint, head, bushel, bundle, peck, basket, etc. For more information, contact the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Measurement Standards at 503.986.4550, or


Prices are to be set at the sole discretion of individual vendors. Collusion or any pressure among sellers to alter prices is strictly forbidden. All prices should be clearly and legibly posted.


All rules of the market are enforced by the market manager who has ultimate on-site authority and is accountable to the Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace Board of Directors.

If a vendor does not abide by the rules set forth in this handbook, the market manager may take any action deemed appropriate, including barring the vendor from the market that day, and any future market days. Vendors who do not comply with market rules will first be given a verbal notice regarding the rule infraction. It is possible that you didn’t know about the rule, even though it is written in the handbook. If, after a verbal warning the vendor still ignores the rule, a written warning and a fine equal to double their booth fee will be given. A third offense will result in expulsion from the market.

A vendor may appeal any decision of the market manager concerning violation of these rules. An appeal must be presented in writing to the Hillsboro Farmers’ Markets Board of Directors. Complaints should be sent directly to the president of the respective board. A vote by a majority of the respective board shall constitute a final decision of any appeal.


The board hired a market manager to assume responsibility for market day and office operations, to assist the various vendors and consumers, and to make recommendations to and receive guidance from the boards. The Board, the Manager and designated agents will enforce all rules and regulations in a fair and equitable manner.

The market manager’s job on the market site is to coordinate all of the activities of the day-to-day functioning of the market, to uphold market bylaws and enforce market policies. This includes overseeing market set-up and clean-up, organizing equipment and peripherals, assigning stalls, collecting fees, assuring vendor compliance with clean-up and display, and answering questions.

The market manager also acts as a conduit for communication between vendors and customers and the Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace Board of Directors


Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace reserves the right to prohibit anyone from selling, or prohibit any product from being sold. The board of directors reserves the right to make exceptions to these rules at their discretion.

The Tuesday Marketplace is not responsible for loss or damages incurred or created by vendors.


Hot food vendors and those using tools and equipment onsite are required to have a general liability certificate of insurance in the (recommended) amount of $1,000,000 Each Occurrence $2,000,000 General Aggregate or the (minimum) $500,000  Each Occurrence $1,000,000 General Aggregate  with the Additional Insured endorsement naming Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace, Inc. (aka Hillsboro Tuesday Night) you may contact our insurance agent WSC for information.

Please note: do not obtain insurance at the time of application – wait until your application is accepted. In some instances, certificates are not required, please check with the office. Insurance must be in place before your start date.

‘Vendor’ agrees to defend, hold harmless and indemnify Hillsboro Tuesday Marketplace, The City of Hillsboro and Washington County their officers, employees and agents from any and all claims, demands, damages, costs and liability for property damage or personal injury arising from or in any way related to the permitted use.  Vendor shall be responsible to restore or pay for restoration, (at County’s or City’s option) for any damage to County or city property resulting from Vendors use of the Facility or Grounds.

There shall be no discrimination regarding race, color, creed, sex, religion, age or national origin.

Vendors are responsible for making sure all persons working at their booth are familiar with these rules. This is for your own protection.

All vendors shall agree that they have read a copy of these Policies and Procedures

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