The 2016 Frida Project

In 2016, artists completed 10 panels with Frida Kahla, (famous Mexican artist) as the theme. Each artist put their talent, skill, and feelings into their painting as they combined Mexico, Oregon, US, people and landscapes to complete this partnership between Hillsboro’s Tuesday Night Market and M&M Marketplace.

me and Jaime

The panels are installed as a mural on the front of M&M Marketplace 346 SW Walnut Street just a few blocks south of downtown Hillsboro. (Funded by HACC)   From left to right, paintings by Tesla Clementine, Patricia Gifford, Felipe Gomez and Arturo Villasenor. Standing behind are Linda Holland and Jaime Miranda.

Cultural-Coalition-Horizontal-Color (1)HACC_Logo_2C_Horz

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