Hillsboro Happy Days Project

The Hillsboro Happy Days Project will begin on Tuesday, June 13 on the artists’ corner of 3rd Avenue and Main Street in Hillsboro. It will continue every Tuesday evening throughout the summer until Aug. 29 cumulating in a Grand Opening Celebration in October 2017 when the mural is installed.

Artists will lend their talents to painting a 40 feet long by 8 feet tall mural (on 4-foot x 8-foot panels) that when completed will be installed on the building in the middle of the block on Main Street between 3rd and 4th Avenue (359 E. Main St.)

The Project is funded by a grant from:

HACC_Logo_2C_Horz (3)

and monies from the City of Hillsboro Storefront Project

Named after the event that took place annually in Hillsboro during the 50s through the 90s, the theme of the mural will be Hillsboro Happy Days and will include historical icons as well as new ones that are representative of Hillsboro. The art will not only bring up memories for long-time Hillsboro residents, it will also help new citizens understand old Hillsboro as they search for images they find intriguing.

The overall look will be a colorful, happy, beautiful landscape scene. Illustrations may include green rolling hills, a Ferris wheel, the burger family, Chief Kno Tah and Artosaur.Illustrations may also represent the various high-tech industries and the sports shoe campus, Sequoia trees, strawberry fields, or whatever the artists feel remind them of Hillsboro.





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