Jan 24

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Happy Birthday To Us!

TMP BIrthday Card front

We are about to celebrate our 15th Anniversary of bringing thousands of people from neighborhoods far and wide to Hillsboro’s historic downtown!

Local musicians, artisans, businesses, farmers and neighbors have supported and successfully grown our Market over all these years, establishing Tuesday Marketplace as a cornerstone of prosperity for our thriving community.

At 15, we are starting to show wear, tear and several wrinkles, and we need your help to provide a ‘Face Lift’ for the Market! Safe and sturdy equipment ensures the continuation of bolstering our local economy and most importantly, providing a safe and professional venue where families and neighbors gather for fun and to support our local economy.

$15.00 at a time!

If you are a supporter, fan, neighbor, sponsor or participant, please help us to reach our $15,000 Face Lift Goal $15.00 at a time! 1000 benefactors and we have a brand spanking new look!


We know you’re out there, because we see you every week at Market! There are so many of you, we are confident that with your help, we can achieve our goal. Then, when you are at Tuesday Marketplace, you can wear the button, (that will be available at the Marketplace) that you will receive as our supporter, with pride as you walk among all the new equipment that you brought to Main Street and your name will make the Face Lift List on our web site.

button2If you would like amazing exposure for your business or organization,
contribute $150 or more and your logo will also appear in our Face Lift Slide show on our Home Page for the entire 2013 season! and a Facebook shout out!r name will make the Face Lift List on our web site. (buttons will be ready for pick up at the Marketplace)



We thank these wonderful people who have started the party. please join them.

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Send a check to: Friend of the Marketplace 400 E.Main St. Ste.140. Hillsboro OR 97123

Or come visit us at the Marketplace and look for our Birthday Gift Boxes.


For those of you in a position to help out with some new equipment (perfect if you are ordering for your business already) we have ‘registered’ with Amazon and made a wish list. We will keep adding to this list as the season progresses.


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