2017 Poster

Tuesday Night Market Poster

Our 2017 poster was created by Catherine Bede of Hillsboro.  Catherine has once again captured the essence of Tuesday Night in this beautiful watercolor. She also created the Market posters in 2005 and 2009. You can view all our past posters here.

“There is beauty in any moment. Even in the smallest things. Even when you aren’t expecting it.

Beauty right beside you every day. It is sometimes hidden. Other times it is staring you in the face or whispering in your ear even though you might not see or hear it”.

Catherine Bede‘s art and music invites you to notice this beauty in your own life. To take it in. To feel its warmth. To breathe in the space that it creates for you. To open your awareness and discover that no matter what, this beauty is always here if you only take the moment and look.

Catherine Bede is an artist, musician, and Director at Catherine Bede Gallery, located in downtown Hillsboro. She studied art and business at Pacific University and loves to work in both watercolor and pen & ink. Her gallery features original fine art, prints, and fine art greeting cards. In addition to her own work, she features the work of local artists who work in a wide range of materials and styles including watercolor, pen & ink, charcoal, oil, acrylic, mixed media, and sculpture.

The gallery hosts an artists’ reception on the first Tuesday of every month, during the Downtown Hillsboro Art Walk. To learn more about Catherine and the Catherine Bede Gallery, visit catherinebede.com.


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